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Breakfast for the importance of our health than everyone knows, but you are not busy to still often forget to eat breakfast? Or because you want to sleep Lanjue to simply ignore breakfast? In fact, breakfast provides the energy to account for the day 30%, you know how much worse the Chinese white-collar workers do? Unfortunately, according to the survey, we accounted for all-day breakfast is just the average energy of 2%. So how exactly enough to eat breakfast nutrition healthy?

Each country has its own culinary culture, different countries have different characteristics of people’s breakfast. Today, as we take inventory of the United Kingdom, United States, Japan and other countries a healthy breakfast, take a look at the minds of most people in the world, the most healthy and nutritious breakfast is like it!

UK: Breakfast, completely revolutionary ing

The traditional English breakfast has always been the pride of the British – milk, tea, juice, butter, bread, French fries, fried eggs, fried bacon, sausage, grilled tomato is not these delicious you choose a few each day, but must all be considered to be in the plate in a full English breakfast meal! No wonder many people say not a good appetite, it really is delicious morning can not afford the UK. However, with the popularity of the concept of health, the British breakfast has also undergone a revolutionary change, the traditional fried food more and more left out, most people usually will choose a simple healthy cereal with milk for breakfast, only on weekends time will return to the traditional, the whole family together to enjoy a rich breakfast of fried.

Canada: breakfast must be added to a fruit!

Canada’s breakfast is simple, the most common is the bread, donuts, plus a cup of hot drinks will be done. However, this diet has recently been criticized by nutrition experts in Canada: how can a little dietary fiber did not it! So Canadian bakery breakfast time is now for sale at the cash register will be placed next to a rattan basket, filled with Apple, citrus, peaches and other fruit for easy access (no reason for the sale of fresh fruit juice, because juice in the process, the fruit of some dietary fiber may be lost), I want every person to eat breakfast to pay more attention to balanced nutrition intake, especially in the beginning of the most important day on the meal.

U.S.: Organic breakfast, darling New Yorker

New Yorker who went in front of the world, their breakfast is not satisfied with just “nutritious, delicious, steaming hot,” only, “organic breakfast” has become their new favorite every mention. The so-called organic, it simply is not the ingredients in the process of growing the use of any artificial chemicals, purely natural breeding, growing together in a natural environment. Therefore, the so-called organic breakfast is usually an organic eggs, organic tea + organic whole wheat cereal (organic milk is gradually overshadowed the limelight of organic milk and tea). It is said that, now as long as the front row of the morning to see the bakery team can be a long, I know there is no store selling organic bread.

Japan: two goals – “Zero” & “Fish!”

Breakfast in Japan have been very healthy, although less, eating only Qi Bafen may be many varieties, intake of the nutritional value is extremely rich and balanced. In Japan the annual “National food education movement” (so-called “food education”, that is, from early childhood onwards, to give food, food-related knowledge, education, and this diet education, extended to the cultivation of artistic imagination and outlook on life ) goals, the most emphasized is the “breakfast” and even asked in 2010, the children do not eat breakfast to reduce to “0”, the number of adults do not eat breakfast should be reduced to 15%. In addition, Osaka, Japan also introduced a new requirement: where the sale of breakfast outlets to do “packages must have fish.” If the customer a separate meal, the owner can not interfere with their natural choice, but as long as the store launch of the “breakfast package”, it must be fish there.


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