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Classic Metal Car Model

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Classic Car series (including fire engines, jeeps, motorcycles, aircraft, etc.), all processes are made with metal for the simulation of materials, from parts to assembly processing, color, all by hand, rich in detail, with antique printing effect, have a high appreciation and collection value, suitable for home decoration, amateur collections and gifts. Currently shipping models have reached more than 50 species, continued to develop new products, but also can be personalized according to user’s customized requirements.

Classic cars, also known as “classic car” refers to those age-old, years of potential Iyataka old car. First car from the 1896 inception of the world’s major automotive brand’s crowded, the exhibition flair, creating countless perfect combination of art and power, displaying the progress of science and technology, never-ending pursuit of human interpretation and to themselves freely pure dream.
The classic cars began in the 1970s the concept first appeared in a magazine on the UK, this statement will soon be recognized classic car enthusiasts. Less than 10 years of martial arts, classic cars for people concerned about more and more, resulting in classic cars worth up dramatically increase.
Classic cars is a product of nostalgia, not only marked the history of the development stage of car, also witnessed the development of society. Each classic cars in his classic, under the peculiar shape, are also concentrated and storage of a section of legendary history. They are both automotive history specimens, specimens of human society. They will always be the focus of attention, whether or not the fans, regardless of where to see the unique style and classic cars magic charm are enough to make you stop, make you eyebrows, given that you could not help wonder and shock, so You have not suppress the excitement and reverie … This is the charm of classic cars.
Classic Cars collection, display and activities in foreign countries for decades. As the short history of China’s auto development, combined with stretching of war in modern China, and the domestic impact of age and lack of expertise, the Chinese collection of the small number of classic car models. In recent years, as China’s comprehensive national strength, China’s rapid warming Classic Cars Collection, Classic Cars enthusiasts increases every year, a number of collectible classic car models have appeared, and out of print collection of classic cars is an investment of good goal.
Cars classic cars is different from other models, because a hundred years ago the humble to reproduce the real process, and the old mark, so all metal materials, handmade reproduction of that year’s classic.


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