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City Life I Need You to Save Water

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Save water slogan:

1, water conservation is an important strategy of sustainable development measures.

2, to create a water-saving cities, the implementation of sustainable development.

3, domestic water vigorously popularize water-saving appliances.

4, water conservation, protecting water resources, is the common responsibility of society as a whole.

5, both revenue and cutting expenditure, expenditure priorities, pollution control-oriented, science and open source, comprehensive utilization.

6, the state planned water, efforts to save water.

7, but unfortunately the water, love the water, water, starting with me.

8, adhere to water conservation first, and strive to build water-saving city.

9, water conservation, for the benefit of mankind, benefits to the present power future generations.

10, according to water management, water science, water conscious.

11, strengthen the urban water conservation management, conservation and protection of urban water resources.

12, to build a water-based economy and water-saving society.

13, protection of water resources, promoting western development; save every drip, water co-founded the city.

14, water conservation is the bounden duty of every citizen and obligations.

15, water is the source of life, the blood industry, the city’s lifeline.

16, water is a treasure treasure your life.

17, please cherish every drop of water.

18, the world’s water shortages, China’s water shortage, city water, please conserve water.

19, shameful waste of water, water conservation honor.

20, water is an irreplaceable valuable resource.

21, water conservation, focusing on rational use of water, scientific water.

22, to establish all treasure, all the good water saving habits.

23, please cherish the precious source of life – water!

24, treasure drip, cherish the source of life.

25, water is the source of life, please cherish every drop of water.

26, when you let the water run off in vain, we are a step closer away from the dry.

27, the pool side: Do not let the water drain into future generations of tears.

28, water room: Do not let my tears accompany me overnight.

29, Do not let it sad tears —- please consciously shut the tap.

30, use your hand, wipe away my tears.

31, flow is much more, leaving less! (Water conservation)

32, drip that is life, please cherish water resources.

33, water does not rot nor complex.


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