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Summer Holidays and Children Wash Hands With Their Favorite Car

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Summer holidays and children wash hands with their favorite car so that both children develop good work habits, but also eliminates the need for car wash maintenance costs, but also the most critical is to establish rapport and children’s feelings. So the baby to develop work habits, right from the start this summer.
On the car wash, in fact, many people have some doubts, for example, summer, sun exposure after the vehicle is not advisable to wash; also make use of high-pressure water washing, because some of the dirt under the pressure of the water can wash away natural; course If the condition is not allowed to carry a bucket of water if you can, but pay attention to frequently changes the water. Maybe you will find that even very serious cleaning, some gum and small insect excrement will still stubbornly stuck in the finish, the water is difficult to wash away the dirt as much as possible do not use brute force to scrub, because now the car paint surface finish are high, even with a soft cloth will cause small scratches, so the correct approach is waxing.

In fact, the effect of ground wax seal the glaze is not worse than the one to paint on the wax can effectively remove stubborn stains, and some small scratches on the wax can better repair. Once a month to play a good wax on the car’s paint protection is still very useful, but there are three points to note here: First, the wax is not too frequently, because after all, abrasive ingredients in the wax; Second, be sure to use the regular factory wax products, not only will not play poor-quality wax paint protection effect, will cause permanent damage to the paint; three should be in the cool air to car wax, or one can cause heat stroke, the other vehicle surface temperature over high adhesion of wax will fall, thus affecting the waxing results.

Automotive hand waxing method is very simple, just the right amount of wax applied to the sponge, and then in a certain order repeatedly applied on the line. Note, however, is that each channel should be on the road smear smear has some repetition, the wax should not be thick, as long as the uniform on the line. Generally applied wax finish in 5-10 minutes you can be wiped off after polishing, polishing use a clean soft towel, appropriate force to the body from the roof to remove remaining wax. After polishing, but also carefully examined the door, lights, seals, etc. are remnants of a car wax to prevent not wipe the wax over time will cause corrosion.

People are always complaining about his lack of time due to busy with their families, in fact, as long as a bucket of water, a box of wax can make you happy baby led an afternoon. Of course, do not forget to call it a day after urging children to wash hands, with a cool drink and reward yourself with what the kids busy for the car, I believe you and your family must also find a long absence, therefore relax and joy.


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