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Flying car has been welcomed, because it can be placed on the flight over the city, away from the crowded living areas, can effectively alleviate the headaches of traffic congestion problems. Recently, the Indian inventor has developed a new flying car, looks very cottage, and the Hollywood movie “Back to the Future” in the next car is very similar, which makes many people are looking forward to it.
The top of the four corners of this car are fitted with a rotating blade, the wheel is surrounded by a vacuum device. Modified the car, he (AK Vishwanath) claimed that these special devices allow vehicles with a vertical take-off, can definitely overcome any problem of traffic congestion. To this end, he is still a large-scale wind tunnel tested.
In addition, it is the car shell is the 1980s by the Japanese Suzuki (Suzuki) manufactured by Maruti 800 car, just in the last year production. Maruti 800 is the first small car in India was introduced, it is the cause of India’s revolution in transportation.
So he hopes he can bring this new round of flight vehicle transportation revolution. Although flying cars have never been in the air, and many outsiders have questioned it, but it still became the 2011 Bangalore, India (Bangalore) aerospace development a focus.
Special 52 years old, he spent 16 years before the invention of this flying car, it is in the process of research and development received 40 patents. He said: “The inspiration comes from many aspects, including the Hornet’s ability in the air now many engineers are willing to join his project, and that this is undoubtedly” a menace “.” Currently, there are several companies with His representations are willing to finance his invention. However, although the business has already begun, but the lack of a complete written contract.
Early last year, the United States Travers Georgia (TERRAFUGIA) introduced the world’s first flying car, “leap” (Transition), and completed the first flight of 400 kilometers, the inventor was actually a U.S. college graduates.


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